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Our students say

  • The talented artist-teachers at Kazone were the key to my son being accepted into the Roski School of Art at USC, as well as acceptances into the art programs at Chapman University and Syracuse University. He is now a freshman at USC and thriving there. Kazone prepared him well. - Richard M. (Parent) -
  • Kazone has a great staff with lots talent, enthusiasm and most of all sincere efforts from instructors for all student to achieve their pursuing goal.  With my kid's case, he has really struggled after his initial portfolio, but with consistent push and lead from the staff (especially Lim),  he has built a strong enough portfolio to get admitted to his dream school, Art center.  I truly appreciate the help and direction from Kazone for building a great path for my kid and highly recommend this place to any individual pursuing art field. -Andrew Paek (Parent)-  
    Raymond P.
    $72,000 Scholarship (Fine Art/Illustration)
  • Great teachers and great school! Kazone has taught me so much about being an entertainment artist and the instructors have given me so much knowledge and insight in the entertainment business and art in general. They expect a lot of handwork and dedication, but it was worth it by gaining confidence in my artwork!
    Ryan P.
    Entertainment Art
  • I looked for an art academy where I could take more advanced classes and that is where I met Lim Hur, a graduate of ACCD who is a concept artist for video games/films/commercials and also an  art teacher at Kazone Art Academy. Even more than inspiring me with her artwork, Ms. Hur has  taught me – oftentimes the hard way – the great necessity of developing the virtues of discipline and hard work.
    Panhee P.
    Graphic Design

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