The Right Guidance Makes All The Difference

Kazone Art Academy is founded by entertainment industry veterans, Lim Hur and Charles Lee. They have more than twenty-five years of extensive working experience in Entertainment Industry. Together, they have created a place where artists can thrive in learning while also feeling a sense of support and enthusiam for art.


We understand that every person has different personality, process, challenge, and unique talent. At Kazone, we help students to breakthrough the learning barriers and maximize the potential of each student, so they have the confidence and skills to realize their greatest dreams. If you want reach your dream, you are in the right place.


We offer portfolio preparation curriculum that will help prospective students matriculate to premier colleges in the U.S. You will learn from best instructors, because we carefully chose our instructor based on their accolade, education, specialties, and teaching experience. This is the reason why we feel absolutely confident that we will meet and exceed your needs. With Kazone, you can chart your own course and follow your dream!

Meet our team

This is our unique and creative team who work together bring you the best services. We’re skilled artists and professionals, devoted to providing you the guidance and support
you need to achieve admissions and scholarship success.

Joe Del Rosario

Current: Design Engineer at Oakley Education: Art Center College of Design Previous: Targus Group, Mooney International, Currie Technologies, Design Horizon, Johnson Controls, Edge Industrial Designs

Charle Lee

Current: RIOT Games Sr. Concept Artist Education: Art Center College of Design [B.F.A. Illustration & Entertainment] Clients: Sony Computer Entertainment, IMAGI Production, Red 5 Studio, NIKE, Thinkwell Studio, Obsidian Entertainment, Signal Studio

Lim Hur

Current: Activision Blizzard (Treyarch) Concept Artist
Education: Art Center College of Design [B.F.A Illustration & Entertainment]
Clients: Treyarch, Sledgehammer, Rhythm & Hues, Toon Disney,, Upperdeck Entertainment, Electronic Arts, BRC Arts, Liquid Entertainment

David Kang

Current: Concept Artist at Blizzard Entertainment & Instructor at Kazone Education: Art Center College of Design - Entertainment, Illustration  

Brian Kim

Current: Sr. Product Designer at U Brands Education: Art Center College of Design [B.F.A Industrial & Product Design] Specialty: Industrial Design, Product Design, Concept Development

Danny Von Der Ahe

Current: Fine Art Instructor at Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD)
Education: The Florence Academy of Art  [Fine and Studio Arts],  Stanford University, California Maritime Academy
Biography: Amazing oil painter focusing on the figure and portraiture. He is inspired by the masters Frans Hals, Carolus Duran, Hans Makart and Adolphe Bouguereau

Valeria Kwon

Current: Anthropologie Display Coordinator & Illustration Instructor Education: Art Center College of Design [B.F.A Illustration] - ACCD Scholarship Recipient
Previous: K-Town Cowboys Movie, T.O.U.C.H, OTI Web Design Company

Our students say

  • 我的孩子 Ian Liao 因為您們的教導及鼓勵 使他能夠實現進入Art Center College of Design的願望 並且獲得高額的入學獎學金 Kazone的學習經驗 在 Ian 的成長過程中扮演著非常重要的角色 --- 不只在設計專業上 同時是在人格成長上   我看到孩子在老師的關懷, 啟發及嚴格要求下 能踏實努力及願意自我挑戰 在他收到Art Center錄取通知時 他告訴我 "媽媽 我知道未來沒有什麼事可以難倒我的了 !" 是Kazone的學習經驗 讓Ian 建立了這個信念   Ian 現在在學校 常跟我分享 Kazone 的學習經驗 讓他能以獨特的觀點去創造自己的作品及欣賞評論同儕的作品 我想 很重要的是 他知道他要成為什麼樣的人   謝謝您們建立了孩子的信心及給我們的溫暖!!
    Ian L
    $108,000 Scholarship (Industrial Design)
  • Kazone has a great staff with lots talent, enthusiasm and most of all sincere efforts from instructors for all student to achieve their pursuing goal.  With my kid's case, he has really struggled after his initial portfolio, but with consistent push and lead from the staff (especially Lim),  he has built a strong enough portfolio to get admitted to his dream school, Art center.  I truly appreciate the help and direction from Kazone for building a great path for my kid and highly recommend this place to any individual pursuing art field. -Andrew Paek (Parent)-  
    Raymond P.
    $72,000 Scholarship (Fine Art/Illustration)
  • Great teachers and great school! Kazone has taught me so much about being an entertainment artist and the instructors have given me so much knowledge and insight in the entertainment business and art in general. They expect a lot of handwork and dedication, but it was worth it by gaining confidence in my artwork!
    Ryan P.
    Entertainment Art
  • I looked for an art academy where I could take more advanced classes and that is where I met Lim Hur, a graduate of ACCD who is a concept artist for video games/films/commercials and also an  art teacher at Kazone Art Academy. Even more than inspiring me with her artwork, Ms. Hur has  taught me – oftentimes the hard way – the great necessity of developing the virtues of discipline and hard work.
    Panhee P.
    Graphic Design